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Chicken Little

Get Your T-Shirt Quick
There's not much time left if you want to get your Y2K T-shirt during 1999. Otherwise, what's the point?
December 31, 1999

Bill Gates Does Y2K
Gary Morton's latest short story is now online. In it, Bill Gates is fighting a millennium bug of his, well, brain.
December 31, 1999

Reader Feedback
A reader contributes another poem: "I do not want dark and Y2K."
December 30, 1999

A Sarcastic Calendar
A tongue-in-cheek "Government Certified Y2K-Compliant Calendar" offers quotes from notable folks.
December 26, 1999

Cooking After the Apocalypse
If you're hunkered in your bunker with a few forklift loads of canned corn, you need to buy this cookbook.
December 25, 1999

A Real Y2K Disaster
Y2K, the movie? Why not? Well, for one thing, it's not any good. Surprise, surprise. Watch NBC on Sunday at your own risk.
November 20, 1999

Hitchhiker's Guide Meets Y2K
A new book follows the tradition of Kafka and archie to create the closest thing yet to a Hitchhiker's Guide to Y2K. Solveig Singleton calls "Bob Bridges" a must-read.
October 26, 1999

California's Computers Crash
The left coast government's inability to figure out how to eradicate bugs restores our faith in humanity's slothfulness, ineptitude, and idiocy.
October 26, 1999

Book Debunks Doomsayers
A new and well-argued book says Y2K won't be that big of a deal. Is it time to sell that $3,000 diesel generator?
October 25, 1999

More Y2K Blues
Randy Rogers contribues his own Y2K blues. "Here I sit on a box of crackers waitin' on Y2K"
October 25, 1999

Reader Feedback
A mccullagh.org/y2kculture reader wonders whether to believe assurances from local water authorities.
October 24, 1999

Art Buchwald Bores, Annoys
Remember columnist Art Buchwald? No? Then you really, truly, don't want to read what he has to say about Y2K.
October 5, 1999

Is Your Cat Y2K-OK?
Doug Goodhue reveals some vital kitty compliance tips. Just what should we do with that catnip again?
October 5, 1999

The Y2K Blues
Mike Gutierrez sings the Y2K blues. Yes, really, it's a song. No, we don't know the melody either.
October 5, 1999

Millennium Baby Boom
Move over, boombrood, 'cuz the Millennium Babies are on their way. In another example of media idiocy, the world is already paying attention to the race to be born at precisely the right moment.
October 4, 1999

The First Y2K Suicide
It's the first real-live -- make that real-dead -- casualty of the glitch.
July 12, 1999

Reader Feedback
A reader contributes some Y2K verse: "I do not want dark and Y2K. I want to hold the fear at bay."
July 12, 1999

The Official Candy of Y2K
As Y2K approaches, so do hokey marketing schemes. The latest has one redeeming feature: It includes chocolate.
June 7, 1999

Millennium Rap
y2kculture.com introduces a new section: Mad Cow Culture. If you don't get it, you need to read today's Millennium Rap.
May 21, 1999

Bugged Out Bozos
Lately we've been told that Y2K is no big deal. Joab Jackson asks if that's true, why can we still buy hardware that won't work properly in 2000?
May 20, 1999

Reader Feedback
A reader says he's worried most about electrical power failing.
May 20, 1999

Time to Welcome Y2K
One web page offers a list of reasons to welcome Y2K. We have our own: No more lame humor sites.
May 19, 1999

Is REM Sleep Y2K Compliant?
Solveig Singleton ponders her Y2K dreams.
May 6, 1999

T-Shirts and other Y2KWear
From company logos, pagan themes, and logos proclaiming the "Queer Millennium," a vast wardrobe of Y2K-themed T-Shirts is waiting to come home with you.
April 29, 1999

90210 Meets Y2K
Tonight on Fox's 90210, glamorboy Steve Sanders becomes a Y2K survivalist. Will he trade the Vette for a stash of rice and beans?
April 28, 1999

The Official Calendar of Y2K
A new Y2K calendar is just what you need to liven up those dreary survival encampment walls. Get an extra for the bug-out tent. At least you'll know what day it is.
April 22, 1999

Reader Feedback
A local resident responds to our article on Y2K and the shooting near Denver.
April 22, 1999

Denver Shooters Were Y2K Buffs
The two teens who stormed a Denver high school and killed about 25 people reportedly were Y2K buffs.
April 21, 1999

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Book Reviews
Y2K already has spawned its own genre. We tell you what books are worth buying.

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Chip 'n Little goes on TV
Chip 'n Little visits John Koskinen
Chip 'n Little saves the world
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Traditionalists may be shocked.

Mad Cow Culture
What does Y2K have in common with today's Mad Cow Culture? Answer: Everything.

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